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Ever made an appointment and forgotten all about it? Of course you have, but Google/Outlook/Thunderbird/iCal or any other calendar app fixed this problem. Flagged emails and to do lists in the calendar app is a handy tool for remembering stuff. But what about the tasks that you stumble upon while on the go and are not mentioned in an email? Say hello to!


Drop the lengthy email threads, out-of-date spreadsheets, no-longer-so-sticky notes, and clunky software for managing your projects and get Trello, the easy, free, and visual way to organize your important stuff. –

And this is so true. I’ve tried all the above to manage my time and tasks – but without luck. Trello is with me on the go on my iPhone App (and Android) and enables me to take a quick note whenever i get an idea, or need to remember something as trivial as pick up some milk on my way home or important stuff like a follow-up on a customer request.

Apart from remembering things, it also helps me motivate myself to do one extra thing each day. Moving stuff from one column to another by drag-and-drop (or touch) is a treat.

Most important though is the board feature that enables you to create as many boards as you like and share them with co-workers or family. At the office we’ve created an organization containing a board for each of us, and some common boards for projects etc. This helps us to understand each other’s workflow and help each other out. Process optimization is made even easier with this tool because it’s easier to notice when something is done too many times. Give it a go or show it to your boss or employees.

Please comment if you’re using Trello already or if you have experience with other time/life-saving apps.

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