My name is Mikkel Clement. I’m a programmer, entrepeneur, and thinker. I’m an intern at Cobaltix, a leading technology firm in the Bay Area. Note; This blog, its content and opinions are my own. I blog about Technology, Business, Programming, Social issues, Books and The web. I’m excited about social tendencies, entrepreneurship, personal development and above all, the web.

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Since I was young I’ve been passionated about technology. At the age of 18 I started my first IT company, Clement Development, creating websites, selling and repairing computers and providing user support. After I finished Highschool I went to Cambodia as a volounteer teacher in english and computers for a year. This led to my interest in Computer Science  which I  studied 2012-2014. I was employed at Gjensidige Insurance in the IT department during my study. I moved to San Francisco, CA to attend a mentorship at Cobaltix in 2015, led by Steve Walker.